Aarre – iittala

Aarre – iittala

Aarre – Wall Art that Loves Your Personal Touch

The unique wall jewel collection, Aarre, showcases the glass-art expertise for which Iittala is so famous. These unique, mouth-blown decorative wall knobs are a premium collectible for a small art gallery at home. They are also functional: by hanging personal belongings on them you can create a wall of memories.

Home is our most personal place, where we want to surround ourselves with things meaningful to us. Aarre (meaning Treasure in Finnish) creates new possibilities for displaying personal things. It allows us to display treasures that used to be kept unseen in cupboards and saved in boxes.

The Aarre wall jewels collection is a tribute to the grand old master of Finnish glass, professor Oiva Toikka. His beloved Birds by Toikka collection, and one of a kind career in glass art, inspired designers to create a concept for unique, mouth-blown glass art collection. All designers selected a theme they wanted to work on and interpret; Oiva Toikka mentored the designers throughout the process and challenged their imagination along the way. The pieces come to life in the hands of the very skilled Iittala factory glass blowers.

Finnish designers

This first Aarre collection is designed by renowned Finnish designers with whom Iittala has collaborated for a long time: Markku Salo, Anu Penttinen and Aalto+Aalto. Glass artist Markku Salo had his eyes on cosmos, glass artist Anu Penttinen looked at the richness of underwater life and transferred that to her colourful and clear style. Elina and Klaus Aalto, who work with many materials, researched the Latin named world of flora as a source for inspiration.

The end result is an interesting and rich collection of eight jewels in a variety of colors and shapes that bring a new angle to the Iittala interior collection. The unique handprint of each glass blower, together with the unpredictability of glass as a material, results in subtle variations of color shades and details in objects – giving the mouth-blown glass and Aarre items their unique charm. Aarre wall jewels are easy to assemble and they hold 5kg of weight. The round packaging makes them a perfect gift for someone special.

To complement this unique collection, Iittala is launching wintery birds from Oiva Toikka. Mouth-blown, unique white Polar night female and male owls are a new take on the owl and footed bird theme Toikka is known for.
Christmas bird for 2015 is Pearl.