A wiser, softer, sounder meeting place – Offecct

A wiser softer sounder meeting place – Offecct

A wiser, softer, sounder meeting place

We are proud of the several powerful themes that permeate our collection — ideas shared by our talented designers from three continents. Most important is our OFFECCT LifeCircle®* concept. This comprehensive program of environmental consciousness motivates all our products and our entire operations. It is our passion and commitment to take this consciousness to ever newer levels through constant innovation and development.

A second strong element in this collection is our determined work in improving air quality and acoustics in the contemporary workplace, which is reflected in several new innovative products. Thirdly, the continuing crossover evolution is apparent. The boundaries between professional and domestic environments are quickly dissolving as technological innovation enables new and more mobile lifestyles. Many of our new products are as well adapted for the home as for the office or other meeting places. Finally, since nature and natural materials are the roots of our production philosophy, it comes as no surprise that the powerful presence of nature forms a main current running through this collection. Our use of renewable natural materials is more dominant than ever, not least in our Swedish wood craftsmanship.

*At Offecct we have been working with passion and determination to contribute to a more sustainable world ever since the early nineties. Concern for our environment is so much more than an important part of our operations. This concern permeates everything we do. In 2015, we launched our OFFECCT LifeCircle® concept — an extensive and thorough program designed to prolong the lifespan of our products even further, to promote interest in a second hand market, and to create a life cycle for furniture and interiors. Read more about OFFECCT LifeCircle® on offecct.se.