A visit to Yasuragi a Japanese spa

During his visit to Yasuragi, Maximilian Slash Marton found solace and tranquility in the quiet atmosphere and onsen etiquette. He particularly enjoyed the hot terrace baths, where he could bathe in silence and immerse himself in the sounds of the water and nature. His time at Yasuragi was a great opportunity for relaxation and reflection.



Yasuragi a Japanese spa

Experience how the ancient bathing tradition from Japan can gift you with new energy. In the Japanese culture, cleansing and bathing is extremely important. At Yasuragi you can relax in true Japanese spirit. Unwind both body and mind with the help of Japanese ablution, our outdoor hot springs surrounded by breathtaking nature, indoor large pools, hot and cold tubs, saunas of various kinds and so much more. Why not also add a spa treatment to your visit? And don’t forget to participate in our calming and rejuvenating activities.

According to Japanese bathing tradition, the Japanese bath has a total photo and mobile ban. This applies to all digital tools, including reading tablets. We offer a place where body and mind can unwind. In order for the nervous system to get a chance to come into balance, we believe it is necessary, from time to time, to turn off all digital devices and to just be present with what is here and now.

Start your journey at Yasuragi in the Japanese ablution rooms where you sit on a wooden stool and wash yourself. Fully relax and begin to find harmony and inner peace. After the ablution ritual you can continue to relax in the hot springs surrounded by the pine trees, wind down in our saunas and discover indoor pools with varying temperatures, everything form hot to cold. Also, don’t forget to experience our salt steam sauna, the carbonated bath, the foot bath and our fruit and tea lounge with the adjacent silent lounge with slow rocking chairs. Experience all of this during, and much more, during your stay at Yasuragi.

Yasuragi is more than a simple spa. It’s a place for quietness, relax and reflection inspired by the Japanese bath culture. It is important that you respect other guests, speak softly and follow the onsen etiquette. Our hot terrace baths are a place whee you can bathe in silence and tranquillity. You will hear the sound of the water and the surrounding nature.