A daybed is made for daydreams by Teresa Lundmark & Gustav Winsth – Gärsnäs

A daybed is a wonderful in-between thing. Neither bed nor sofa, it is made for daydreams: a place to think, read, find inspiration. The Dag daybed is made for comfortable moments, for taking a quick and easy break.

“It’s made for rest beyond the bedroom, a place of comfort in both private and social contexts,” says Teresa Lundmark who, together with Gustav Winsth and Gärsnäs, designed the daybed. The project is a collaboration between Gärsnäs and Beckmans College of Design, where both students received a brief to design a daybed.

The daybed’s low profile facilitates its placement in a group context or as a solo piece, without obscuring the general view of the room. The base is elegantly objective and functional; the cushions, on the other hand, are expressive with overtones of canisters, Zeppelins and spaceships in sci-fi movies.

“The cushions swell out of the hollow base; a meeting between the minimal and the expressive creates contrasts that accentuate them both,” says Gustav Winsth. The vast experience that Gärsnäs has in working with wood provided the prerequisites to create detailed, yet simple, construction solutions in solid beech. Naturally, Dag also conforms to the Gärsnäs reuse concept, including the easy separation of materials to minimise environmental impact and offers a daybed with a great lifespan.

A place to repose, long and often.
 Dimensions: 2,015 x 750 mm, height 380 mm