80th Anniversary: The Poet is Relaunched in a Limited Nubuck and Suede Edition – With Legs in Wenge

Finn Juhl presented the Poet Sofa for the first time at the Cabinetmakers’ Guild Exhibition in the autumn of 1941. To commemorate the 80thanniversary of the sofa, House of Finn Juhl is launching it in an exclusive nubuck and suede edition with legs made from the wood type Wenge. The Poet Sofa will, as usual, be produced and upholstered by hand in Denmark.

Only 80 unique anniversary editions will be made, and each sofa will be numbered in elegant embroidery underneath the seat. The limited edition will be available in the following colours; ‘Ivory’, ‘Gold’ and ‘Jade’.

The Poet Sofa in the colour ‘Jade’ with Wenge legs.

The small two-seater sofa was inspired by modern art and is characterized by exceptional comfort, traditional craftsmanship and materials of the highest quality. At the Cabinetmakers’ Guild Exhibition in 1941 the Poet was showcased next to two plaster sculptures by the artist Sigurjón Ólafsson. With the approach of an artist, Finn Juhl designed the sofa’s organic shape and managed to forge the relation between furniture and sculpture.

The anniversary edition is upholstered with nubuck leather on the front and on the cushion, while the backside is upholstered in suede. The combination of the two leather types highlight the organic shapes and curved lines of the sofa. The slim silhouette, combined with the delicate colour scale and velvet smooth leather is classical with a twist, making it a perfect fit for a modern interior. The two surfaces supplement each other to intertwine in a beautiful tone-in-tone appearance in the chosen earthy tones and neutral pastel colours.

The combination of the two leather types highlight
the organic shapes and curved lines of the sofa.


Detail photo highlighting the two types of leather on the anniversary edition –
nubuck on the front and on the cushion and suede on the backside.

How the Poet Sofa got its Name

For a long period of time, Finn Juhl worked in close collaboration with master joiner Niels Vodder. At one point, Niels Vodder decided to gift his daughter, Kirsten Vodder, a Finn Juhl sofa. Kirsten was married to the poet Frank Jæger, who used the sofa to relax while pondering the great questions of life. The Danish illustrator and humorist Jørgen Mogensen was a frequent visitor at their house, which in time inspired him to create the comic strip “Poeten og Lillemor” (The Poet and the Little Mother). The comic revolved around their home and everyday life.

Originally, the strip was intended as a parody of the great lyricist of the time, Frank Jæger. He played the part of the young “Poet”, who would much rather daydream than write. The strip was published in one of the leading Danish newspapers, Politiken, for more than 50 years, from 1950 to 2004.

When delving into the history of it all, it was in reality another Finn Juhl sofa, which Niels Vodder gifted to his daughter Kirsten. However, the inspiration for Jørgen Morgensen’s comic strip derived from Finn Juhl’s Poet Sofa, as it had already achieved status of a classic piece at this point in time. The comic strip thus birthed the name of the Poet Sofa, which has stuck with it ever since.

An illustration from the comic strip “Poeten og Lillemor” which led to the Poet Sofa’s name.



Materials: Upholstered in ‘Duet’ leather. Suede on the back and nubuck on the front and cushion. Legs in the wood type Wenge.

‘Duet’ from Sørensen Leather is crafted from double-sided and polished aniline leather, made from carefully selected European rawhides. While nubuck is famous for its matt effect and soft surface, suede possesses a downplayed elegance and characteristic structure.

Suede is untreated, while nubuck is Scotchguard protected during the tanning process. This makes the leather partially water and dirt repellant. Both surfaces will develop patina over time, as they become smoother, shinier and lighter in color. Please note that the images shown are for guidance only. Colour and structure may vary.

Colours: ‘Ivory’, ‘Gold’ og ‘Jade’

Name: The Poet Sofa
Designer: Finn Juhl
Year: 1941

Dimensions: B: 136 cm x D: 80 cm x H: 87 cm
Seat height: 38 cm