7 x Konsthantverk: Repeat it! @ Form/Design Center

Repetition can be regarded as a fundamental principle of crafts. It is present as a prerequisite for the processes of making crafts but it is also a constantly explored opportunity for creative expression.

This exhibition aims to create a unified whole with a common theme and to display breadth in various materials and forms of expression, from visual to tactile. The selected works represent qualities and each work bears its own narrative and unique starting point, which also mirrors the power of crafts to reach beyond the object itself to reflect on the traditions of the material and the craft as well as on social and existential questions.

The exhibition displays works with links to the studio tradition and to magnificent objects, together with works that are more exploratory, experimental and narrative in their expression.


  • Annette Gulbaek
  • Erika Emerén
  • Terese Williams
  • Eva Zethraeus
  • Eva Moritz
  • Catarina Hällzon
  • Karin Roy Andersson
  • Elisabet Frick
  • Annika Andersson
  • Masayoshi Oya
  • Moa Lönn

7xKonsthantverk (7xCrafts)

7xKonsthantverk is a series of seven exhibitions about crafts and will be held during the period 2020–2023 as a joint project between Konsthantverkscentrum (The Crafts Center – KHVC) and Form/Design Center. The project displays the breadth of crafts and the expertise of craftspeople through various examples of objects and narratives presented in the exhibitions.

Form/Design Center
Lilla Torg 9
211 34 Malmö