3daysofdesign in Copenhagen, 16-18 September 2021

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Denmark’s Annual Design Event

3daysofdesign invites everyone to participate in events, product launches, exhibitions, and lectures on design. Between 16th – 18th of September 2021, you get an exceptional access to almost 200 showrooms and exhibitions located around Copenhagen.

Artwork by Ilse Crawford

As Denmark’s annual design festival, it’s the perfect place to meet the creative thinkers behind cutting-edge concepts within furniture, design, lifestyle and interior design. To experience in person interesting ideas from the Danish design scene. To actually sit on a newly launched chair and sofa. Run your fingers along the wood, the fabric, the leather. Enjoy the fine craftsmanship on pieces showcased here from around the globe. And taste the exquisite cuisine from renowned Danish chefs as part of our cultural tradition for feeling cosy. We call it “hygge”. It all takes place during 3daysofdesign in Denmark’s capital of cool.

While the past year has been filled with life-changing moments, it has also made us find new, positive ways to network, exchange ideas and create new opportunities for business.

“Now more than ever in these trouble times, we see it as crucial to nurture our connections and commitment to our festival. To find meaningful ways of doing business. Support each other’s initiatives. And experience inspiring designs”, says Signe Byrdal Terenziani, Managing Director of 3daysofdesign.

We are in constant contact with international health authorities regarding all the necessary precautions to take during the pandemic. Fortunately, our 3daysofdesign event is spread out over 150 different locations. As a result, it’s easy to avoid large crowds in one place, to control the number of visitors at the various locations and to make sure that transportation is COVID-19 safe.

For those of you who will be virtually attending 3daysofdesign, we will be expanding our
digital platform even further in 2021. To facilitate easy access to the variety of brands who will be featuring their designs. Including interesting talks, live streams and inventive new ways for you to personally experience the events and the participants.
Autumn is a perfect time to reconnect, get back together and gear up for a brighter future.

We look forward to having you join us in Copenhagen for 3daysofdesign 2021!

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This year’s Graphic Identity

With design, there’s the way it looks and the way it makes you feel. When we surround ourselves with objects that bring us joy, they become more than merely objects. They add a profound sense of pleasure to our lives.

Of course, every object has a story. Someone designed it, someone saw the beauty in it and someone made it a reality. It’s these three elements that we are capturing in this year’s graphic identity. The head is for creativity, the heart is for empathy and the hand is for craftsmanship. Everything you’ll find everywhere you look. During 3daysofdesign 2021.

”… Design is a frame for life, it makes us feel human, it makes us feel alive.”


About 3daysofdesign

3daysofdesign is Denmark’s annual design event. An international hub of innovation showcasing inspiring concepts in lifestyle, lighting, furniture and interior design from some of the major players behind the Danish design scene.

It’s an exclusive event that’s open to the public. Everyone is invited to visit the vast array of showrooms, exhibitions, pop-up events, workshop and design talks, with previews of new products and upcoming trends on the horizon. At the same time, it’s your opportunity to
experience Copenhagen’s vibrant pulse and personality.