25th anniversary of Nanna Ditzel’s iconic Trinidad chair – Fredericia


To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Nanna Ditzel’s iconic Trinidad chair, Fredericia presents a selection of new shades
– enhancing the natural beauty of the materials in a contemporary style.

The new editions are available in smoked, grey and light grey oak leaving the veneer with a visible wooden structure. This
aesthetic creates a warm atmosphere in its given setting; from residential homes and professional workspaces to luxurious
restaurants. These shades become especially pronounced when combined with a frame in the new warm-matt colour Flint.

Nanna Ditzel (1923-2005) is one of the most significant figures in the history of Danish design. She is best known for her
uncompromising approach to quality, playful shapes and exceptional ability to transform her artistic dreams into functional and
sophisticated designs.

“When I start working on a new chair, everything is possible, everything is allowed. It’s a challenge. Being tied to a concept is
not so exciting.”
– Nanna Ditzel

This was Nanna Ditzel’s starting point when drawing the first sketches of the Trinidad chair. Consequently, the manufacturing
process proved a colossal challenge for the technological capabilities used in the furniture industry at that time.

To overcome these difficulties, the latest and most advanced CNC technologies were utilised to manufacture the complex shells
of the Trinidad chair. This was heralded as a major breakthrough in the design industry when presented to the world in 1993.
Rather than subduing the form to a rigid industrial visual language, as seen in the many designs of the modernist era, the
Trinidad embarked on a new approach: being both highly artistic and delicate in its expression, yet utilising the most advanced
machinery of the time.

Besides the graphic aesthetic and exquisite appearance, the curved shells ensure outstanding comfort while seated. The cutout
fretwork in the seat and back compensates for a range of features that are typically impossible in plywood shell furniture.
Namely, the body is well ventilated while seated, and the curved shell provides excellent acoustic properties. These qualities
have made Trinidad a popular chair for concert halls, auditoriums and locations where large-scale seating is needed.