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6 tree rooms

Treehotel was inaugurated in 2010, in the village of Harads, close to the Arctic circle in Norrbotten, Sweden – a hotel experience with contemporary designed tree rooms in the middle of unspoilt nature. Ateljén – ateljé Lyktan’s department for customised luminaires, has developed and produced a number of unique luminaires in cooperation with some of Scandinavia’s leading architects.

The tree rooms are suspended 4-6 metres above the ground – all with a breathtaking view of the Lule River.

1) The Cabin

Architects: Mårten Cyrén & Gustav Cyrén.
Ceiling and table luminaires, “Tipi”, design Mårten Cyrén and Gustav Cyrén.

The Cabin.

Interior. Ceiling and table luminaires, “Tipi”.

Ceiling luminaires of different sizes in clusters.

Portable table luminaire.

The luminaires was later developed into the portable floor luminaire Tipi, a lamp that crosses the border between indoor and outdoor use.

2) The Mirrorcube

Architects: Tham & Videgård Arkitekter.
Pendant luminaire, “Eagle”, design Bolle Tham & Martin Videgård.

The Mirrorcube.

The mirrored cube is Treehotel’s most renowned tree room.

The cube shape was not only the inspiration for the tree room, but also for the “Eagle” luminaire – where a cube is folded out and forms the shape of a bird.

The luminaire is later developed into a pendant, ceiling and wall luminaire called Eagle.

3) The Blue Cone

Architect: SandellSandberg.
Floor luminaire, design Thomas Sandell.

The Blue Cone.

Interior. Seating group with floor lighting.

Floor luminaire designed by Thomas Sandell with matching tray table.

4) The Bird ́s Nest

Architect: Inredningsgruppen.
Ceiling/wall luminiare, Invisible, design Bertil Harström.

The Bird ́s Nest.

The lighting is concealed behing the ceiling plinth that runs along the entire room.

Lighting – Invisible.

5) The UFO

Architect: Inredningsgruppen.
Ceiling and wall luminaire, design Bertil Harström.

The UFO.

Interior. The round ceiling luminaire in the centre of the tree room provides good general lighting.

Task lighting in the form of a reading lamp with a bendable arm.

6) The Dragonfly

Architect: Rintala Eggertsson Architects.
Pendant and wall luminaire, Dragonfly, design architect Sami Rintala.

The Dragonfly.

Interior. Dragonfly.

The construction of the luminaires consists of adjustable aluminium cubes that when turned, can change the function and character of the room.

Pendant and wall luminaire.

Wall luminaire.

Outdoor lighting
Bollard, Tall, design Jan & Hans Forsmark.

Inspiration for the luminares comes from the trunks of the surrounding pine trees.

The bollards in Corten steel lead the way through the forest to the tree rooms.

Architect: Inredningsgruppen.
The Tree Sauna with ceiling luminaire Bikini, design Bertil Harström.

The Tree Sauna.

Interior. Sauna’s relaxation area with the Bikini ceiling luminaire.

The 7th Room

January 2017. Architects: Snøhetta. Luminaires: ateljé Lyktan.

Part 2 – The 7th Room, Snøhetta. Treehotel.

Some of the luminaires in the project can today be found in ateljé Lyktan’s product range.


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