1 2 TREE exhibition at Stockholm Furniture Fair

1 2 TREE exhibition at Stockholm Furniture Fair

The 1 2 TREE exhibition focuses on wood in all kinds of different forms and functions. Contemporary Scandinavian designers and architects were invited to interpret the eternal relationship between humans and trees.

Designers and architects have always used nature and wood as materials. After a long period during which it was more or less banned, the forest has once again, in the wake of ecological and environmental awareness, become trendy and acceptable. This past summer, the One, two, Tree exhibition attracted a gigantic crowd to the Artipelag art hall on the island of Värmdö outside of Stockholm.
“We saw that there is extensive interest in wood design here in Scandinavia,” says Staffan Bengtsson, TV producer, cultural journalist and author as well as curator or the exhibition.

If the summer’s 1,200 m2 installation is considered a concert at a major arena, the version that is now coming to Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair is an intimate club performance where the viewer will be able to get close to the object and thereby see different qualities. The exhibition attempts to capture the strong wave of new Scandinavian wood design that currently seems to be washing in from every angle. It combines high and low, particle board and hardwood, the tested and the untested. To quote Staffan Bengtsson again, “Wood only becomes more beautiful over time, which is an unbeatable quality. I never get tired of it.”

1 2 TREE contains works and objects by several of Scandinavia’s most recognized designers and architects. These include:
Alexander Lervik
Cathrine Kullberg
Daniel Franzén
Daniel Svahn
Erik Björk, Mattias Karlsson
Frida Erson, Martin Eckeberg
Gustav Person
Julia Gamborg Nielsen
Lars Stensö
Lisa Hilland
Saina Barazade
Siren Elise Wilhelmen
Susan Bergkvist
TAF (Gabriella Gustafsson, Mattias Ståhlbom)

Stand: AG:50, EÖ:03, EÖ:05