Stockholm Furniture Fair

Design Karim Rashid

What is space and time, really? And do they exist independently of each other? Karim Rashid is now joining this longstanding debate in modern physics. The answer was a shape in a fiesta of otherworldly colours in painted polyethen, inspired by space, its matters and numerous holes. "Every planetary body, including the Earth, is surrounded by clouds of holes, which curve spacetime and exert an attractive force on all objects. The space-time lamp for Zero exerts an attractive force on your living room, dining room, or office," says Rashid. Space-Time is available in white, black, yellow and red. The inside is always opal white. D 550 mm.


Design Jonas Forsman

The simple circles playing off each other in the Gram desk lamp provide a graphically exciting shape. Signed by Jonas Forsman, who has been inspired by the American sculptor Alexander Calder's mobiles: hovering weightlessly. Precisely balanced with counterweights, Gram can be poised freely and with the least resistance possible. Energy-conserving LEDs and a switch that provides total cut-off ensure that its energy consumption is the least possible. Gram is available in white, black and yellow. H 450 mm.

TAF, Gabriella Gustafson & Mattias Ståhlbom

It began with a commission from a landscape architect. And TAF's first rubber-band inspired
pole fittings stood ready at Strömkajen by Grand Hotel in Stockholm just in time for the Swedish crown princess's June 2010 wedding. Now, Rubber is also available as pendant and wall-/facade fitting.
"Many people call us minimalists, but minimalism is about reduction. Instead, we accentuate and maximise one specific detail. In Rubber, the stretchability, flexibility and materiality of the rubber band has given shape, function and expression to the collection," the two architects say. Rubber is available in white or black as standard. L 1300 mm.

Design Benjamin Hubert

The experience of Loom leads your mind to something soft, warm and friendly. An agreeably diffuse light thanks to the tight weave of polyester threads, in a soft organic shape with a pronounced waist. Perhaps even a kind of modernity can be perceived. Benjamin Hubert found inspiration in the traditional Chinese lantern, updated through the high-tech 3D-woven Spacer material. D 560 mm H 700 mm.


Design Joel Karlsson, Krook & Tjäder Design

The Zero range needed a ceiling lamp with direct and indirect functional lighting, if possible in a timeless fashion. The inquiry went to Joel Karlsson at Krook & Tjäder design, and look!, the
result was elegant with a great potential to be a classic. The name is an abbreviation of Expander metal, an apparently simple material which has been refined in a surprising manner in this fitting.
XM has a shade in opal glass and expanded metal. Metal is painted white or black as standard. Copper is available on request. D 400 mm.


Design Fredrik Mattson

A light fitting in public space should not only create a sense of safety. In the environs around
our public streets, pavements, parks, squares and housing area, comfort is at least equally
important, according to Fredrik Mattson. It should feel pleasant. That's why he created a fitting
with a pleasant general lighting around the lamp, which is felt as softly inviting at a distance.
Metro thus has both direct light and a softer glow from the top. That it meets high demands of
IP rating, energy efficiency and light distribution is a given. Made of polycarbonate and
aluminium. D 560 mm.

Design Propeller

"Playful outdoor charm" succinctly describes the Cone pole fitting. With the addition that its friendly form creates a sense of both familiarity and security as it blends in with architecture both old and new. While the large cone provides very effective general light the smaller one can advantageously be directed at an object near the pole. Inspired by Zero's indoor range, Propeller have – united the traditional home lampshade and a play on geometric shapes in Cone. Made in aluminium. D 600 mm.


Design Front

Front have been praised for their exploration of the design process and their innovative thought process and forms. On occasion, they have used help, allowing the final result to be determined by magicians, animals or chance. A constant flow innovative processes can be seen in their output, and in Grid, industry standard sheet metal with various hole formations decorates the series of pendant and ceiling fittings. Grid is available in three patterns. Two different perforated metal patterns and one in expanded metal. L 1250 mm.

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