Stockholm Furniture Fair

Design Johan Carpner

Suspended fixtures Beam is a nice spotlight in giant format.

Beam provides a comfortable, soft working light fittings and can be directed to select sites and create events in space. With groups of several luminaries in various lengths may be room for a vibrant, diverse general lighting.

Beam are matt lacquered in white or red, and the shuttle tube is made in three standard lengths. Hood and the reflector is special made in aluminum. Beam provides an indirect light reflected by a low-power lamps. Own color and length of the pendulum tube can be special ordered.

Design Fredrik Mattson

The WOOD series started out when Fredrik Mattson was searching for spotlights for his own office. He wanted a more human spot than the ordinary "aluminum engineer designed ones", but he couldn't really find what he was looking for.
So he decided to design one by himself.

The spot he came up with is a basic construction made entirely made out of wood. The spotlight is very obvious and simple, yet sophisticated. The wooden somehow old fashion external is hiding the latest technique of LED light, compact fluorescent and metal halide.

During the design process the single spotlight grew to become a family of lamps. The series includes pendant lamps, wall mounted and ceiling mounted lamps. The table version is a little friendly character with a big hat that you tilt to adjust the spreading of the light.

Standard material for the WOOD series is oak and black stained oak.

design Thomas Bernstrand

Velvet is shaped like a bulb in satin fabric where the fabric falls heavy and obvious. The armature is made of aluminum, but to reflect the heavy velvet fabric is the wall thickness throughout the 4 mm. Velvet is the form in terms of simple and obvious with high precision in proportions and materials. Light and subtle pastel colors make armature airy and easy to place.

Wall and Ceiling Lamp.
Design: Mattias Ståhlbom

The construction and the appearance of the lamp are inspired by the same principle as an embroidery frame. When attached on the wall or in the ceiling it is possible to adjust the frame in different angles to direct the light and gain the most effect out from the light source and the lamp. Stitch is made of roller milled aluminium with a diffuser of matt acrylic.

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