Design by Jens Fager.

Mesh is a floor and table lamp of perforated metal. Zero's first lampserier consisted of perforated metal armatures.
So it's very exciting to take up this hallmark of the company again. Mesh plays with a very reduced geometry in the form of the cone and the circle. Led lights illuminates the cone from the inside of the curved screen.

Design by Jens Fager.

Lens Series's design is based on classical forms fittings. It is for me as a designer very attractive to go to very elementary forms which do not take over the room's architecture, but which nevertheless has its own character.
Each valve has a convex louvres that add an exciting expression / profile.

Design Fredrik Mattson

PXL is extended with a big pendant diameter 500 mm and ceiling fixtures in two sizes 500mm and 320 mm.

Design Stig Ahlström.

Trio is a family of lamp and with 3- or 1 arm. Each arm is with LED 3,5W.
Trio is available as table lamp, floor lamp and wall fixture.

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