Monica Förster’s second light fixture for Zero, UMBRELLA will be presented at
Euroluce in Milan 2009.

The Umbrella lamp is a family of lamps, pendant and ceiling fixture.
The outside of the lamp is an octagone and the inner part of the lamp transforms from the
octagone shape into a soft rounded concave shape.
The Umbrella lamp is made of moulded arcylic, outside in a lacqured finish.


Design Fredrik Mattson.

Painted aluminium.
Diffuser in matt opal acrylic.
1x22W T5-circular.
Diameter 500 mm

Design Mattias Ståhlbom.

Painted diecasted aluminium.
Shade in opal matt acrylic.
Pendant , table or floor.
1x18W compact flourescent socket Gx24q-2.
Diameter 400 mm.

Design Thomas Sandell.

White painted metal.
Diffuser in matt acrylic.
Available as indoor or outdoor version. E27 40W or LED.

Design Signe Persson-Melin.

Bollard in diecasted aluminium and thick sandblasted glass.
1x18W or 1x26W compact flourescent socket Gx24q.
Diameter 170 mm, height 1020 mm.

Design Tham & Videgård Hansson.

Painted metal.
Diffuser in matt opal acrylic.
Adjustable shade angle with wire. 1x22W/T5. Widht 650 mm.

Design Monica Förster.

White painted metal.
The beards are individually fixted to the nest.
1x40W/E14Diameter approx. 500 mm

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