Class 1 230V 50Hz IP20 HF
Description: Aluminium and steel painted white or black. Other colours on request. Adjustable shade. Mounting: On floor. Connection: 2,5 meter cable and plug.
Design: Mattias Ståhlbom

Multicolour pendants lamp in aluminium and steel.
Ø 320 mm, hight 395 mm. Design Fredrik Mattson.

Multicolour table lamp in aluminium and steel.
Ø 320 mm, hight 495 mm. Design Fredrik Mattson.

Design Thomas Bernstrand
Dimension: Small size H 230 ø 480 mm, large size H 480 ø 980 mm
Material: Painted metal frame, Plastic diffuser, Electrics.

“Since low-energy lamps are so ugly I wanted to hide them in the lamp, just like I did with my previously lamp Hide from 2004. Poker is a normal cone lamp but with other elegant diffuser solution to cover the lamp source. The diffuser is easily removed by squeezing it
out of the rubber strip specially designed for Poker.”

Design Gabriella Gustafsson, Mattias Ståhlbom TAF

“We were really curious about what happens with the shape and the expression of the lamp only by changing material. In order to be able to choose a lot of different standard materials we tried to find out a technique were the material were of no importance due to
construction. We were experimenting with a lot of woven and plaited structures and come to this conclusion.”

The first edition of the Material lamp comes in wood or wool and in two different sizes, standard sized or XL.”

Front Design

Camouflage is a light fitting with outreach. Both light and shadow from the lampshade form patterns in the room.

The enormous globe has been pressure turned and then perforated by three-dimensional laser cutting – a technique which is frequently used in the motor industry. The result is an imposingly large globe that influences its surroundings thanks to its compass.

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