Playful functionalist with breatdth and character. The genuinely humorous, yet restrained design is the charcteristic feature of Ulf Hanses´ production as an industrial designer. From Playsam´s toy cars and planes to the internationally recognised and prizewinning thermos from Boda Nova, there runs a strong determination to design objects that make you want to use them, for ages. An innate attractive quality, ingenious things for children big and small, that is the hallmark of Ulf Hanses´s designs.
1980        Toronto, Canada
                Playsam presenterades i egen monter
1985        Osaka, Japan
                Ett flertal produkter visas på "Design Osaka"
                anordnad av Japan Design Foundation
1985        Representerad på Tokyo Toy Museum
1985        Representerad på Japan Toy Museum
1985-87   "Design in Sweden Now", Canada, Australien
                Vandringsutställning (Svensk Form)
1985        Bloomingdale´s varuhus, New York:
                "10 Award-Winningdesigns from Sweden"
1986-87   "Faces of Swedish Design" (Svensk Form)
                Vandringsutställning Japan
1988        "Faces of Swedish Design", Japan
1990        Flygplan &  Mattor utställning tillsammans
                med Agneta Svensk.

1983        Utmärkt Svensk Form: Hasnsastaren/H&R:s
1984        Utmärkt Svensk Form: Streamliner - Hedersomnämnar
1985        Utmärkt Svensk Form: Kabelskalare - Pressmaster
1985        Playsam´s poster till final i Guldäggstävlingen
                även uppmärksammad av Museum Of  Modern Art
                samt av Leksaksmuseet i Nurnberg
1987        Sonderschau "Form 87" Mix gratengformar
1987        Utmärkt Svensk Form : Dreamliner, Jetliner, Racer 1,
                Oldtimer, Knapp med nål, Hink med skopa,
                Sandsil & formar
1988        Utmärkt Svensk Form: BodaNova "Termos"
                Utmärkt Svensk Form: Periscop - Aqua Toys
1989        Utmärkt Svensk Form: Kajak - Playsam
                Steel - BodaNova
                PS Logik - Playsam
1989        Design Plus: Termos - BodaNova

                m fl.m fl


Ulf Hanses lives with his family in Djura, outside the town of Borlänge. He is a generous and warm person with a well developed understanding of his work as an industrial designer. He came to Stockholm as a nineteen-year-old apprentice to Sigvard Bernadotte. He attended art school in the evenings and rounded off his formal education at the school of industrial arts. After two years he broke off his studies and began work at the drawing board in his own workshop in Stockholm. Hanses has never regretted the decision and came to realize at an early age the designer´s special drive and impetus are all the knowledge one acquires through one´s own - often dearly bought - experience. Many were the companies young Hanses applied to in the beginning of the ´70s and this resulted in important contacts for the future. After 7 years in Stockholm, he moved to his home town of Borlänge. He was curious and willing to take risks and made many mistakes that he learnt from, which mixed togheter with well deserved successes, paved the way for the breadth, inventiveness and stringency as an industrial designer that he is renowned for today. In the beginning of the ´80s he developed a toy programme for handicapped children. But the climate for such ideas was harsh and Ulf Hanses learnt to rely on his own intuition as a designer and he developed a routine that today gives him the possibility of turning over ideas in freedom with his client. "A Streamliner - the little wooden car - cannot be made to order, "he says. "Inspiration doesn´t run on rails. You have to struggle and grapple with problems. I turn things over and around in my mind and quickly make prototypes that I shoe to my clients. It facilitates all those discussions that, for me, are a necessary part of the development work that remains before the product is ready for showing." Boda Nova and Playsam the key to today´s successes. When Ulf went looking for Anders Färdig, Managing Director of Boda Nova, with one of his painted prototypes in his hand, The right personal chemistry developed - a process that has managed to produce a number of exciting new features over the last few years. The MIX series, which includes the increasingly renowned mulled wine flask and the elegant, rustic fruit basket in wood and metal; part of the year´s new features from Nova.

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