Welcome to Another Paradise!

This year, the theme for Swedish Style is Another Paradise. Swedish Style elaborates the idea that paradise is a place everyone has to discover, create, or simply grow fond of by themselves. During two weeks, starting from November 1, we aim to provide new and different experiences through what Sweden has to offer in terms of design, music, art, film, food and parties. The focus is on giving you the chance to experience something new, and maybe even find your own personal paradise...
See the exhibitions, take part in the workshops and seminars, dine at the restaurants and cafés and enjoy the parties! - Experience another paradise at Swedish Style Tokyo!

• The Embassy of Sweden hosts a lavish exhibition of patterns, fabrics and wallpapers.

• The furniture industry exhibits innovative new products this year again at 100% Design in Tokyo.

• Don't miss the opportunity to watch the latest price-winning and celebrated Swedish films at the Swedish Style Film Festival.

• More than 50 events take place around town! See the events section for continuous updates.