At the end of 1999 the Lamino armchair was voted ”The Best Swedish Furniture Design of the Century” and this year, 2006, fifty years will have passed since it was first put into production. The Lamino is still the overall best seller for Swedese.

Only in Swedish..The Lamino armchair in laminated veneer was designed by Yngve Ekström (1913-1988), Furniture designer, artist, entrepreneur and inventor. Yngve Ekström started his professional life as a furniture carpenter in the village of Vaggeryd in Småland, Sweden, and soon became one of the leading names in the field of Swedish modern furniture design. It was in Vaggeryd that he also founded the company Swedese in 1945. Multi-talented as he was, he designed over 150 different models of furniture, lamps and fabrics that all went into production.

The designs of Yngve Ekström are characterised by applying the quality and beautiful lines of a craftsman to the function of the product. He condensed his philosophy into a favourite quote.

"He, who has already matured to appreciate great simplicity, does not need a large apparatus to lead a good life, neither for his body nor for his soul”.

Lamino special anniversary edition
in brown or black saddle leather from Tannery Tärnsjö. Allthrough 2006 every anniversary armchair come with a ”medal” on the rear support part – Lamino 50 years!
Design, Yngve Ekström

Lamini easy-chair and stool
Scale 75% from the original.
Design, Yngve Ekström

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