This year’s mirror on design
An up-to-date mirror that reflects living Swedish design. Designers and companies in solid collaboration are featured and rewarded. Excellent Swedish Design is the design world’s equivalent of the annual awards of the advertising, film and music industries. With all the faults and merits that characterize these types of award-winning performances.

In contrast to many of its prize "cousins", Excellent Swedish Design is not just a Stockholm event but, because it becomes a travelling exhibition, is also of national interest. And it is throughout Sweden that we find the manufacturers, many of the designers, and the consumers.

Excellent Swedish Form has become an institution which is continuing to develop. This year’s edition also describes examples of the design process. And once again we have chosen Embryos, to reflect the youngest in the field as well. Next year experimental, untested design will have its own arena.

Excellent Swedish Design is costly. It is expensive to travel around the country, but effective. Every stop along the way is met with great enthusiasm, and the media show a strong interest. This is undoubtedly a success story, and an honor for the designers and companies that are selected. At the same time it is living evidence that design otherwise plays a far too obscure role in the public debate involving industry and culture.

Work continues to spread Excellent Swedish Design on the Swedish Society of Crafts and Design’s home pages on the Internet. The annual jury-led inventory that makes up the Excellent Swedish Design awards is also an oft-referred to source of information for many other purposes: it is a basis for exhibitions abroad and trade fairs, and researchers, students and authors regularly search through this catalogued material.

With ambitious continued development of this instrument in the future, Excellent Swedish Design can become a good means for the Society to carry out one of its tasks: to confirm good design. And to stimulate cooperation between designers and industry, as well as to give the broad general public insight into the significance of design in society.

Johan Huldt
Managing Director
Svensk Form




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