The Design Process
Exempel på "Kärnas" olika material och kollektionsplaggen samt den grafiska designen. Form: Nygårds Anna Bengtsson (textil) och Nygårds Maria Bengtsson (grafiskt). Produktion: Östgöta Hemslöjd AB.
Produkt nr 52.

The Design Process
Some of the materials in the "Kärna" collection with one example of the graphic design, and its garments. Designed by Nygårds Anna Bengtsson (clothes) and Nygårds Maria Bengstsson (graphics). Manufactured by Östgöra Hemslöjd AB. Product no 52

Fashion collection "Kärna"
The handicraft association of the province of Östergötland and Östgöta Hemslöjd have collaborated with designer Nygårds Anna Bengtsson and craft workers to produce a fashion collection using the folk costume of that province as a source of inspiration.
"Kärna" includes five basic models (a short dress, waistcoat-dress, jacket, blouse and vest) for sewing and four basic models (a straight pullover, cardigan, tunic and vest) for hand-knitting in wool. A knitted heart can be made as a decoration.
The five basic models can be sewn in five different materials: two linen fabrics, one specially produced wool material, tulle and sheepskin.
The two linen materials have different shades of white and different structures. One of them is fully bleached diagonal twill for hemstitched embroidery. The other is a plain weave in a warm white tone (also in black).
The garments that make up "Kärna" have both traditional, entirely hand-sewn buttons and cast pewter buttons designed by Nygårds Anna.
The graphic program by Nygårds Maria Bengtsson (a sister) also works in the same way as the fashion collection is designed. It is, based on a few simple building blocks that can be changed and varied for different uses.
The program is based on four label stamps, made so that the different models can be ticked off and the name of the material filled in. Special boxes for washing instructions can also be ticked.
The program is stamped in black ink on standard-size white paper. The sewing and knitting instructions, and decorating instructions, are photocopied onto a cut A4 format.


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