Hertha Bengtson

Hertha Bengtson scholarship holders

Young Swedish ceramic artists at Designform Svensk Form,
2 April - 1 June.

Don´t miss this opportunity as Sweden´s best ceramic artists for the first time jointly show how they are preserving and developing Sweden´s internationally acclaimed ceramic tradition.

For nearly half a century, Hertha Bengtson was one of Sweden´s leading and most active designers in ceramics and glass. Her will directed the creation in 1993 of the Hertha Bengtson Foundation scholarship fund for young and talented ceramic artists. Since 1996 the scholarship has been awarded to 13 ceramic artists, and is today the foremost honour which a young ceramic artist in Sweden can receive.
The scholarship holders are now professional ceramic artists who work with great inquisitiveness and narrative delight, and with their own individual styles. Works by each of the artists have been shown in exhibitions and as public art, but this travelling exhibition is the first time they are having a joint show.

The scholarship winners are: Renata Francescon, Annika Svensson, Backa-Carin Ivarsdotter, Jonas Lindholm, Eva Hild, Mia E. Göransson, Ingela Jonasson, Eva Rexelius, Helena Andersson, Thomas Nordström, Linus Ersson, Tina Reuterberg and Ulrika Henström.