Support for the body – movement for the mind. The Norwegian furniture and wellbeing supplier STOKKE presents this year at the Cologne fair a unique chair with an optimal combination of form and function.The chair offers its user a unique design and sitting positions.

STOKKE PEEL™ - it was the peel of an orange that gave the idea to the designer Olav Eldøy to create this chair. The form is reminiscent of an orange peel, and so to also is its function. It protects and embraces and protects its user in a natural way. It furthermore stimulates its user to experience a new and creative sitting adventure. The design gives support to our body and movement to our mind.

Like all other Stokke chairs, STOKKE PEEL™ is created to give movement and variation whilst seated. It embodies one of the core values of Stokke; To supply visually appealing sitting solutions that satisfy every person’s innate need for movement and variation whilst seated.

The new and patent pending movement concept allows the user to adjust the chair into different positions, simply through small movements and the shifting of your body weight, relaxation can be reached in a creative way. The user is guaranteed always to find the best individual position – for reading, resting and television, or even just to dream.

The half-open back cushion and the height adjustable neck support give freedom of movement. The scale form is just one part, so that the sitting angel between seat and back is fixed. This allows the user to sit or recline without sliding forwards, and an optimal sitting position will always be encouraged. Both Small as well as larger persons can fully enjoy the possibilities the chair has to offer.

The movement concept is a double spring system which works in perfect co-ordination. Whilst sitting in the central position you can move without having the chair tilt forwards or further backwards. Yet if you actively shift your body weight and lean further backwards, you gradually activate the second part of the spring system. The co-ordinated action of both springs allows you smooth shifting between positions.

A separate footrest both complements and completes the Stokke Peel. When the feet are placed on the footrest it gives the user several optimal relaxation positions. The blood flows freely through the body thus allowing you to remain extremely comfortable, even in the most reclined sitting position.


The Norwegian designer Olav Eldøy, born 1948, lives on the West Coast of Norway. The sea and the nature from which he is surrounded, inspire him to design. From his point of view, it is not possible to create only straight and quadratic forms. Through Stokke Peel tm he has brought one of his inspirations to the marketplace.

Olav Eldøy is educated interior and furniture designer at the National Collage of Art and Design in Bergen. He has been working together with the Stokke Group AS since 1988. The designer Ole Petter Wullum has developed the principal for the mechanism concept and the designer Johan Verde has contributed to developing the form concept.

PRODUCT INFORMATION Measurements Chair: Height = 112 – 120 cm, Width = 82 cm Depth = 82 cm Foot rest: Height = 55 cm, Width =44 cm, Depth =45 cm Material: Cushions = polyurethane. Wooden parts: Laminated beech