Movement in the classroom!  
By: Tone Strand  
For quite some time, "Movement Norge" has been involved in a project under the direction of the Information Centre for Colour and Interior (IFI) and the Parents' Magazine. The intention was to draw attention to the children's working environment at school and obtain new information about how young people feel about colours and classroom interiors.

Pupils from form 8c at Ski Junior High School were invited to join in the project, which was covered by the Parents' Magazine (issue 1/2001 to 4/2001). One of our distributors, Harald Krogsæter, helped demonstrate the best sitting position to the pupils. After a visit to Krogsæter, the pupils favoured "Move II". “You can even move about on it without disturbing others. And you shouldn't have to sit absolutely still," says Krogsæter, who immediately became popular with the whole class. “(Parents' Magazine 2/2001). The classroom is now finished and was officially opened before Easter. Tv2 filmed it all, and Bjørg Owren from IFI, who has regular interior programmes on Tv2, will present it in "God Morgen Norge" on 15 August, before the schools start. In October 1998, Harald Krogsæter became distributor of "Movement". Krogsæter was very interested in the "Move Small" idea and has started a project at Eiksmarka School on his own initiative. This has given rise to several orders from various schools, which has prompted other distributors to follow suit. Our three biggest school suppliers have achieved the following: H. Krogsæter, Oslo: 422 "Move Small" (last order in June 2001 was for 182 "Move Small" and 15 "Move" units) Kjell Arnesen, Tromsø: 127 "Move Small" and 140 "Sitti" units (last order in June 2001 was for 56 "Move Small" units) Interiør Vestfold, Larvik: 108 "Move Small" units During the 99/00 school year we conducted a sitting project along with PU, Håhjem, at Hellvik School in Eigersund. The project is the result of an enquiry from Steingården Rehabilitation Centre, which had previously been involved in a project at the school, involving sitting on a ball. After the project the pupils were asked if they wanted to go back to ordinary chairs, but the majority were so happy with "Move Small" that they wanted to keep it. The project was conducted in one class in the 5th and on in the 9th grade.