Sögreni of Copenhagen

Bikes, by virtue of price and durability, permit advanced, timeless, bizarre, but also perfect functionalism, combined with all kinds of crazy notions.
This is the concept fundamental and essential to Sögreni; a concept which has proved viable since its introductions to the dansih market in the late '70 s.
The people of Copenhagen were the first to take fancy to the idea of a bicycle so flexible that they could let their imaginations run wild. It wasn't long before the rest of the nation followed suit. Through a constant development in their design, Sögreni has managed to keep up their public's demand to such a degree that they've become the cutting edge of the danish bicycle market.
In recent years Sögreni has turned their concentration toward the development of bicycle parts, taking advantage of access to new materials and treatments. The result is a bicycle of timeless, though quite modern, design. At Sögreni, we take pride in our product, and the fact that we have the capability of constant improving. With us, the ideas and strategies of the furture will always be available in the present.

Sögreni BikesSögreni Bikes

Email: info@sogreni.dk - Tel: +45 33 12 78 79 - Fax: +45 33 12 72 71
Adress: Sankt Peder Stræde 30 A, 1453 København K, Denmark