Press release
Milan, April 1999


What material will dominate the homes of the future?

What values will these materials represent?

Snowcrash designers, this time all from Nordic countries, have made an open-minded trip to a materialized home. Snowcrash is showing new products and fresh ideas during the International Furniture Fair '99 in Milan.

The fashion industry has had great success in using new synthetic materials in textile and fashion design. The furniture industry and product manufacture still rely on traditional materials.

Snowcrash has conducted research into composite materials that are often used in transport or shipbuilding because of their durability and practicality.

Steel, rubber, polymer fibres, polythene and polystyrene are examples of materials responsible for many innovations in product design. With synthetic materials, it is possible to create light and transparent design and add sensual features to products. New materials are profitable to produce. Synthetic materials can also be long-lasting, but still ecological.

This Snowcrash exhibition also includes furniture made of traditional materials such as solid wood and glass. But the aim has been to find new form and new function. One of the results of Snowcrash product development is a computer table made of glass.

The home of the future will be furnished with light, flexible and adaptable products, believe Snowcrash designers. A computerized home can function with such products.

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Snowcrash is a new company and trademark of Proventus Design.

Snowcrash - Catalog

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1. Desk Top (Computer table)

Design: Teppo Asikainen/Ilkka Terho, Valvomo 1999
Materials: glass, steel, polystyrene, PC components
Dimensions: W1800 x D800 x H720 mm

The Desk Top computer table is at one and the same time a design table with integral computer and a computer that has a table incorporated in it. Under the glass top is a flat screen which can be adjusted to different viewing angles. The central processing unit of the computer is located in the plastic 'desk drawer'. The keyboard and mouse are the only parts of the computer on top of the table and they are cordless and so can easily be removed. The legs of the table are separate trestles.

The glass is laminated and coloured to soften the presence of the hard information technology. Only above the screen is the glass completely transparent. The parts of the machine are, however, clearly outlined in an oblong drawer. In line with the basic PC idea, all the parts can be updated or changed according to user requirements.

Desk Top is designed for use in just as many environments as the conventional computer. In the office, the surface of the desk is left free. In foyers, Desk Top can be used in reception or customer waiting areas. In the home it can work as a dining table as well as an office.

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2. Plusminus (Modular sofa)

Design: Jan Tromp/Rane Vaskivuori, Valvomo, 1997
Materials: plywood, stainless steel, upholstery
Module dimensions: W600 x 1020 x H730 mm

Plusminus is a modular sofa with parts that can be joined together to make a sofa as long as you need, or used separately as individual easy chairs. The parts can be joined easily without any tools.

The visible frame of the sofa is in black ash-veneered plywood. The upholstered parts are covered in black elastic-corded fabric. Two different surface structures meet on the flank of the sofa. The legs are in stainless steel.

The sofa can be used both in the home and in public spaces.

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3. Kromosom chair (Small chair)

Design: Jan Tromp, 1998
Materials: form-pressed plywood, steel
Dimensions: W480 x D480 x H780 mm

Kromosom is a small, stackable pedestal chair meant for use in the home and in public spaces. The Kromosom range also includes a table.

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4. Kromosom table (Café table)

Design: Jan Tromp, 1998
Materials: aluminium-faced plywood, steel
Dimensions: W700 x D700 x H730 mm

The Kromosom table is a pedestal table to be used in cafés with chairs from the same range.

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5. Fly chair (Small chair)

Design: Teppo Asikainen, Valvomo, 1999
Materials: steel, stainless steel, synthetic fabric
Dimensions: W450 x D500 x H800 mm

Fly is a small, stackable steel-framed chair meant for use in the home and public spaces. The seat is in transparent, high-tech fabric used in industry.

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6. Roll light (floor version)

Design: Ilkka Suppanen, 1998
Materials: aluminium, composite textile of polymer fibres
Dimensions: 250 x 250 x 1450 mm

The floor version of Roll light is a free-standing light. The light uses the ceiling as reflector, giving a practically indirect light with its vertical beam. The textile is a high- tech product being a composite of several polymere fibres.

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7. Roll light (hanging version)

Design: Ilkka Suppanen, 1999
Materials: metal, composite polymer fibre textile
Dimensions: 1400 x 200 x 800 mm, 1400 x 400 x 800 mm, 1400 x 600 x 800 mm

The hanging version of Roll light is a large suspended light with a strong spatial effect. It is available in various lengths. Light can be extended as far as desired. The textile is a high-tech product, being a composite of several polymer fibres.

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8. Game shelf

Design: Ilkka Suppanen, 1999
Materials: aluminium, composite textile of polymer fibres
Dimensions: 1475 x 350 x 345 mm

Sheet aluminium bent into a shelf and bench. The shelf can be arranged in several different configurations. You can create storage spaces according to your needs. It is a one-material and one-part design.

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9. Dress Chair

Design: Rane Vaskivuori/Timo Vierros, Valvomo, 1998
Materials : steel frame , with matchrome finish, upholstery foam
Upholstery options: Cotton/polyamide: olive black, cream white, chocolate brown, denim blue.  Nylon: silver grey
Dimensions: L 750 x W63 x H82 mm. Year of production: 1999

Soft chair comfort - minimalist structure - many practical advantages.

The Dress Chair is a steel-framed chair with foam upholstery. It is very easy to remove the upholstery, wash or change the fabric, and replace the upholstery. The Dress Chair is like a chameleon, changing its colour according to the moods of different kinds of rooms. In addition to its other practical features, the Dress Chair is also stackable.

For a soft chair, Dress is a lightweight piece of furniture, weighing only 7 kg. It is therefore easy to move around in lounges and other public spaces.

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10. Globlow lamp

Design: Vesa Hinkola/Markus Nevalainen/Rane Vaskivuori, Valvomo
Materials: steel frame, rip-stop nylon, inflates when switched on, 12 W fan inside
Dimensions: standard lamp 01, size fully inflated: H1850 x W800 mm
floor lamp 02, size fully inflated: H1600 x W650 mm
hanging lamp, size fully inflated: W800 mm
wall lamp, size fully inflated: W650 mm

Year of design: 1997
Year of production: 1998

Since the first model, Globlow Lamp Floor 01 was launched in 1997, a full range of four models has become available, all of them designed in 1997-1998:

Globlow Lamp Floor 01 - large standard lamp
Globlow Lamp Floor 02 - small standard lamp
Globlow Lamp Hanging - hanging lamp
Globlow Lamp Wall - wall lamp

The Globlow lamp is living lighting. When the power is off, it is empty, silent and dark. When switched on, the lamp wakes up. It breathes air and light inside, and inflates smoothly. Through its nylon shade Globlow gives a soft light to the room. When the lamp is switched off it quietly sinks down again, and goes to sleep, waiting for someone to wake it up.

Switching on the Globlow is a great lighting performance every time. As the Italian magazine Interni put it: "Globlow's presence indicates the active use of a room."

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11. Less is More (space divider)

Design: Simo Muir, 1998
Materials: steel, Dacron fabric
Dimensions: 1600 x 400 x 1400 mm

Less is More is a space devider and storage unit. You can store all the objects you need to have around you in its pockets. It is made of Dacron fabric on a steel frame. It is easily demountable and portable.

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12. TimoTimo lamp

Design: Timo Salli, 1999
Materials: transparent and metallized polyester
Dimensions: 400 x 400 x 50 mm

Multifunctional lamp with transparent reflector. The lamp is designed to be used as a normal hanging lamp, but can also placed on floor, seat or bed.

Snowcrash is a new company and trademark of Proventus Design.