May 30 – June 2 2002


Snowcrash have been invited to exhibit at Silvera during Paris Designer’s Days. Occupying the whole showroom, the Snowcrash installation is drawn from our new collection for work.

Not just about the office in the conventional sense or place, Snowcrash brings a fresh spirit to how individuals can interpret and adapt their work environment. The holistic approach extends from Cloud, a portable office or relaxation room that inflates in minutes and can be used for meeting or relaxation to Loco, a bag that opens up to make a mobile work pad or Soundwave, sculptural wall panels designed to enhance acoustics in the work environment.

After Designer’s Days Snowcrash will continue to be a strong part of Silvera’s collection.


GETSET desk and storage system and SLIP lightweight space divider are designed to structure workspaces according to individual desires and adapt as these change. The series of set-ups in the installation ‘Dreamplaces’ emerged from a “casting” where we asked colleagues in the Snowcrash office to build their own ideal work places as part of the Snowcrash Living Catalogue on
Getset: Arik Levy
Slip: Timo Vierros, Rane Vaskivuori

LOCO and ADDAPT are bags designed to provide a link between work, home and leisure. LOCO folds open to make a portable work pad. ADDAPT consists of a shoulder strap and a series of five clip on bags that can be used in different combinations expanding from a document folder to a travel bag.
Loco: Ilkka Suppanen
Addapt: Arik Levy

HIWAVE is a suspended ceiling light that floats overhead like a radiant carpet. Available in single, double or triple units, the textile shade extends in length to become a shining path.
Hiwave: Ilkka Suppanen

CLOUD is a portable room that can be inflated in minutes and used for meeting, concentration or relaxation and packs away into a carrying bag.
“Whenever I fly I wonder what it would be like to step inside a cloud. When I started to research clouds I came across the cumulus, also called the happy cloud. It forms from
moisture in the air, rising in the morning and disappearing in the evening. This is exactly how I imagine the cloud room – it goes up in the morning and then it
disappears when you leave in the evening“.
Monica Förster, designer

SOUNDWAVE The Soundwave series of sculptural wall panels combines functionality and aesthetics and is designed to enhance the acoustic properties of any interior used for social interaction such as offices, restaurants, conference rooms, foyers etc. Soundwave can be can be experienced at Silvera in ‘Silence’ room.
Soundwave: Teppo Asikainen

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Snowcrash is a subsidiary of Art & Technology by Proventus, which also owns Artek and Kinnasand