An introduction to the new tableware designs


SAS + Royal Scandinavia
= new Business Class tableware
in Scandinaviandesign

Royal Copenhagen porcelain, Georg Jensen cutlery and Orrefors glass.

The process of bringing out a new design for Business Class tableware on the intercontinental flights began over a year ago. Inspired by the ambition and spirit of Scandinavian World Cooking, the tableware project also turned to Scandinavian expertise for help. The designers, on the other hand, turned to the Scandinavian environment and culture for inspiration - maintaining a tradition of simplicity, functionality and natural elegance.

All the components in the new designs are intended to create an optimal dining experience while focusing on easy handling and cleaning. Each component and material has been chosen with environmental considerations in mind.

Enjoy. It's Scandinavian.


The making of a new dining scenary

You might ask what is so important about a new, different cup, a plate that doesn't look like it used to or a fork that is held differently. Does the coffee become more aromatic or the food taste better? No one can answer with certainty, but, until the opposite is proven true, we choose to believe that they do. And anyone who has ever eaten a steak using plastic cutlery or drunk red wine from a paper cup should agree with us in theory: the way the food is served is just as important as the way it tastes.

Our new tableware consists of new cutlery, glasses and porcelain on our intercontinental Business Class routes, created by designers from some of Scandinavia's finest design houses (all owned by Royal Scandinavia): Georg Jensen, Orrefors and Royal Copenhagen.

For SAS, it's been a privilege to work with such excellent craftsmen, and for the designers being present on SAS flights is a unique opportunity to serve a taste of their work to all the corners of the world.

Royal Scandinavia has looked on this task as a great challenge - to develop designs based on entirely new parameters. They have also viewed the project as a natural way of promoting Scandinavian design, including SAS and Royal Scandinavia, worldwide. initially, the starting point was to choose typical, characteristic, existing designs for glass, porcelain and cutlery which had already proven that they would probably be characterised as classics in the future.

It was also crucial to find three designs that could "dance" together on the in-flight trays. Thereafter, the task was to find out about the very complicated logistics involved in in-flight meals: the various types of meals, focusing on the various porcelain and cutlery to be used, and the shortage of space on the serving trays - while still trying to make the individual parts of the tableware stand out as soloists as well as being members of an entire orchestra.

There has not been any significant contact between the three designers, in that the starting point had, as previously stated, already been determined. Royal Scandinavia has, together with SAS, design coordinated the colours so that the orchestra has become a logical, firmly cemented unit.

One of the project's greatest challenges has been to create space for many soloists on a small stage while still meeting the requirements as to the overall picture, food, service, washing up, storage, transport and flexibility.

The new Business Class tableware design will be launched on all the SAS intercontinental flights during the spring of 2001.