The bookcase "Library", 1998
Design: Hans Sandgren Jakobsen.
Manufacturer: Fredericia Furniture
Treldevej 183.
DK-7000 Fredericia.
Tlf.: +45 75 92 33 44.
Fax: +45 75 92 38 76.

A bookcase with a new approach to shelves - made out of laminated veneer which is pressed to its limits - thereby radiating strength, elegance and springiness. Each shelf consists of eight layers of veneer. Between the four uppermost, which are in level, and the four nethermost hardwood has been inserted. The hardwood runs in the longitudinal direction of the shelf. This construction increases the strength of the shelf and enables its front edge to appear light. The strength of the shelf has also been increased by the fact that the shelf has a 14 millimetre height of arch in its longitudinal direction. This results in a visual springiness in the shelf. The bookcase leans against the wall thus making it stable and keeping it away from the skirting board. That way new, exciting, visual qualities have been added to the bookcase. "Library" is available with and without roll-front which can be closed from the bottom to the top shelf. Each shelf can be locked with the roll-front so that you can decide which part of the bookcase is to be locked and which part is to be open.


  • Elmia Trö competition, Sweden, Third Prize, 1996.