Tatamistol "Eri", 1993
Design: Hans Sandgren Jakobsen
Producent: Kohseki Co. Ltd.
15 Nishi Goshoden-cho
Murasakino Kita-ku
Kyoto 603
Tel. (+81) 75-415-2818
Fax (+81) 75-431-6378

The back of the tatami chair is formed of a piece of pre-compressed ash. The pre-compressed process allows the wood to bend in several planes when it is wet. When the formed back has been dried, the wood regains its original strength. The shaped ash back provides good, resilient back support. The inspiration to the sculptural back of the tatami chair derives from the beautiful kimonos worn by Japanese women, particularly the design which includes the "obi", the sash that is wound and tied round the waist.