The caféchair "Charlotte", 1995.
Design: Inger Mosholt Nielsen (textile) and Hans Sandgren Jakobsen.
Manufacturer wanted!

The idea behind "Charlotte" was to create a chair offering lots of possibilities - easy to handle and suitable for the Nordic weather. Lightness together with comfort and functionalism have been the dominating elements in this interdisciplinary co-operation. The chair should be light in weight and easy to move, and therefore it is made of aluminium tubes and a thin net textile.

The chair is easy to transport and store. It can be stacked, which - together with its lightness - makes it suitable where refurnish and storage are required - for instance in pavement cafés or as garden furniture.

The chair is easy to clean and dry. It does not need maintenance, it stands washing and sluicing. The used textile fibres do not absorb water, which - together with the open weaving - makes the chair dry very quickly after rain.