"Complet Arrebo", 1998.
Design: Hans Sandgren Jakobsen.
Manufacturer: Arrebo Møbler A/S
Trunderupvej 1F
DK-5683 Haarby.
Tlf.: +45 64 73 13 91.
Fax: +45 64 73 13 11.

The storage system "Complete Arrebo" is made of high-quality solid wood. It consists of 21 modules, which can be combined with many different doors, desk flaps, drawers, sides, bases and wheels. The many modules constitute a very universal storage system from the small quadratic pieces to the tall tower pieces and the thin horizontal pieces. The system can be arranged with the following components:

  • Doors in five sizes with either glass or wood - or a combination.
  • Draws in four lengths and three heights.
  • Desk flaps in two sizes.
  • Halogen bulbs can be installed in all modules.
  • Bases - in wood and legs of steel.

The system is available in oil-treated red beech and cherry, and in lacquered teak.

Link: www.arrebo.dk