Design by Dan Sunaga

First of all, Kikki is the name of my friend’s baby.
Striving for the joint of the perspective by my own experiences and my own sense of value by the solution of a general nationalism, the core of new design emerged and made the sensational discovery through respect for the old tradition respects for the old tradition of Rejimyre with a glorious 200 year past. It is also my practice of the shape that I change by the force of the other side and the established beauty into a sequence of acts which I named emotional sustainability.
It is constricted in the middle of it, just like a plump wrist of the baby. This is also to resolve the problem of stuck glasses which is made by its distension.
The figure of this plump wrist of the baby might be contrasted with cold glasses, but the handing of sensitive and fragile of them brought those two contrasts into a success of the warmth of this glass design.