Seri Q sign system
red dot award: product design 2002

The design of the Seri Q sign system is flexible. It is a modular system of stand-alone elements that can be combined horizontally, vertically or diagonally and wall-mounted or suspended from the ceiling. A name plate on a door, for instance, can also be used as a free-standing name plate on a desk in the event of office reorganisation or removals. If damaged, the elements can all be individually replaced. The signs are all made of aluminium with a satin matt finish. For the sake of uniformity, the signs are fixed on panels with no screws or joints visible. An invisible lock prevents unauthorised removal.

Seri Q Sign A/S, Slagelse

Knud Holscher Industriel Design, Copenhagen
(Knud Holscher, Per Kristian Dahl, Michael Colfelt)