Wood burning stove
red dot award: product design 2002

The heart of the stove is made of materials which allow the designer plenty of scope for creativity. The result is an elegant and timeless combination of design, technology and quality. The door can be easily pushed down for maximum heat output. A large glass door provides a good view of the fire from all angles. Pushing the door up creates a quite different, cosy open-fire atmosphere. Holscher Stove is available in an elliptical form, which provides the panoramic effect and various options for positioning, eg. in corners. The stove is also made in a rectangular shape and can be mounted on the wall, on a base or built into a recess.

MORSOE, Nykoebing

Knud Holscher Industriel Design, Copenhagen
(Knud Holscher, Per Kristian Dahl, Michael Colfelt)