EJ 1.4.1 Arena
red dot award: product design 2002

On the basics of the upholstered bench - EJ 1.4.4 - the designer team Anne Mette Jensen and Morten Ernst have elaborated on the concept and have created a matching stool - EJ 1.4.1 - which may be used as a supplement for a large EJ 1.4.4 as well as an object in itself - in any situation when a short rest is called for - in private as well as in public rooms. The stool - shaped to give associations to a small tower - comes as a lightly upholstered fiber glass shell supported by a fragile looking, elegant wire frame construction fixed to the shell in a single point. The measures of the stool are 54 x 54 x 38 cm and the upholstered seating may be covered with cloth, Alcantara or leather.

Erik Jørgensen Möbelfabrik A/S, Svendborg

In-house design:
Anne Mette Jensen, Morten Ernst