And the winners are ...
red dot award: product design 2002 – the winners have been selected

Many companies and designers submitted their products, hoping to walk off with it – but only a selected few will be allowed to adorn themselves with the much sought-after "red dot”. The quality label is awarded annually in the international red dot award competition for superior design by the Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen.

The jury of 27 were spoilt for choice: they had to select those products from the 1,479 entries which managed to convince with high and highest design quality.
In the end 307 products stood up to the jurors’ critical examination and were awarded the red dot.
A further 29 products impressed the jury with highest design quality and received the red dot: best of the best. The selection of prize-winning products ranges from a perfume flacon, an electric toothbrush, a television set and a china to a bath tub, street lighting and a car.

red dot: intelligent design for Apple and Kuka Roboter
The special award red dot: intelligent design goes to the designers of the MP3-player "iPod” by Apple and the "console robots” of the Kuka Roboter GmbH. This prize, which has been awarded for two years now, is aimed at products, which mark a new line of design and application of technology and scientific discoveries in their specific field.
With the "iPod" Apple has developed a new kind of MP3-player: Only the size of a deck of cards, this small genius can save up to 1,000 songs – that is 70 hours of music - in CD-quality.
The "Console Robot" by Kuka Roboter inspired the jurors with its combination of function and clear, consequential design. The movements and the shape of this robot and its flexible arms are modelled on the human anatomy. Through its design the robot displays its strength, without having a technical appearance.

The design competition as a quality barometer
Even in times of general recession the red dot is highly attractive to companies: in comparison to the previous year, the international interest has risen further: designers and companies from 26 countries have entered the competition (24 countries in 2001). The 1,479 entries make this year’s red dot award again one of the leading design competitions world-wide – and the leading one in Germany with more than 4,000 entries in total for the red dot award: product design and red dot award: communication design.
"This year’s high number of entries shows that companies and designers alike see this competition as an important quality barometer with the help of which they can also gain an anticyclical advantage on the market," explains Prof. Dr. Peter Zec, the Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen’s managing director.

The highlight: This summer’s award ceremony
The competition highlight is yet to come: the festive award ceremony in the Essen Aalto Theatre on 1 July 2002 as well as the announcement of this year’s red dot: design team of the year. Every year, the award ceremony becomes a special event with famous designers and prominent figures from the fields of politics, sports, media and entertainment from all over the world coming together to honour the best in industrial design.

The publication
The competition yearbook, which is regarded as an informative and high-quality reference book by the trade, will be published in July 2002.

"Design Innovations Yearbook 2002. red dot: product design"
ed. by Peter Zec. red dot edition. Approx. 400 pages, German/English, hardback, approx. 500 colour photos, 30x30cm.

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Head of Press and Public Relations Office
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The jury of this year’s red dot award: product design:
• Dr. Robert Blaich, USA (Aspen Co.)
• Hans Ehrich, Sweden (A&E Design)
• Dr. May Felip-Hösselbarth, Spain (Barcelona Design Center)
• Roy Fleetwood, Great Britain (Roy Fleetwood Ltd.)
• W. Otto Geberzahn, Germany (design report)
• Prof. Herman Hermsen, the Netherlands (Fachhochschule Düsseldorf)
• Isao Hosoe, Italy (Isao Hosoe Design)
• Tapani Hyvönen, Finland (E & D Oy)
• James Irvine, Italy
• Prof. Odo Klose, Germany (Prof. Odo Klose & Partner)
• Kristiina Lassus, Italy (Villa Rosa)
• Prof. Stefan Lengyel, Germany (Lengyel Design)
• Piero Lissoni, Italy (Lissoni Associati srl)
• Glen Oliver Löw, Germany (Hochschule für Bildende Künste Hamburg)
• Prof. Sasa Maechtig, Slovenia (University of Ljubljana)
• Peter Maly, Germany (Atelier Peter Maly)
• Rainer Moll, Germany (Moll Design)
• Max Ottenwälder, Germany (Ottenwälder & Ottenwälder)
• Britta Pukall, Italy (Milani Design)
• Bruno Sacco, Germany
• Dr. Klaus Schmidt, Great Britain (Henrion Ludlow & Schmidt)
• Volker Staab, Germany
• Andrew Summers, Great Britain (Design Council)
• Paolo Tumminelli, Germany (frogdesign)
• Christiane Weber-Stöber, Germany
• Prof. Hannes Wettstein, Switzerland (zed ag)
• Prof. Dieter Zimmer, Germany (Muthsius-Hochschule Kiel)

The jury’s red dot award: product design selection criteria
• Degree of innovation
• Practicality
• Formal quality
• Ergonomics
• Durability
• Symbolic and emotional content
• Product periphery
• Self-explanatory functional quality
• Ecological compatibility

The red dot award: product design categories
Product category 1: Living and sleeping
Product category 2: Household, kitchen and bath
Product category 3: Spare time, hobby and sports
Product category 4: Architecture and surrounding space
Product category 5: Trade and fairs
Product category 6: Industry and manual work
Product category 7: Public space and transport
Product category 8: Medicine and rehabilitation
Product category 9: Office and administration
Product category 10: Media and consumer electronics
Product category 11: Jewellery, fashion and accessories

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The exhibits which can be seen on the following pages have all won the "red dot: best of the best" or the "red dot" in the red dot award: product design. In this exhibition, you can now see around 1.000 products from all fields of industrial design, and find out about the products, manufacturers and designers. Open 24 hours a day and continuously updated, this exhibition provides all those interested with an insight into contemporary design.
The exhibition is structured to reflect eleven different areas of life. The main category shows the products awarded "red dot: best of the best", the sub categories give you an overview of all awarded products.


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