PP Møbler introduces the rocking chair pp126 designed by Hans J. Wegner. The chair has never before been in production.

pp126 from 1983 is Wegner´s eighth rocking chair. It is the predecessor for pp124 from 1984 which was the last rocking chair designed by Hans J. Wegner.

When Wegner initiated his work with pp126 he decided that if he where to create another rocking chair it had to be different than all his earlier rocking chairs. He decided that a rocking chair for PP Møbler should be both more comfortable and carry a more significant scent of   craftmanship.

In order to make the rocking chair extra comfortable, Wegner decided that the seat and back should be upholstered. He put a lot of effort in shaping the upholstery on the back so that it would suit the human body in an ergonomically correct way. The armrest was also important. It had to give good support for the arms and further more it should provide good support for the back and the neck.

pp126 is available in ash, oak or mahagony, soap treated or oil treated. The version in ash and oak also comes in a lacquered version.