Pia Wallén's most recognized products are the wool felt slippers, the jewellery collection in sterling silver and the Crux blanket which comes in a limited edition. These innovations are what continue to inspire the continuity and philosophy behind Pia Wallén's products.
Principles of funcrtionality, simplicity and a contempoary interpretation Scandinavian craft tradition are themes that continue to run through her work today.

Autumn pink

Bright pink is now available in slipper, interior and jewellery collection.

Crux blanket
The blanket is made in a limited edition, and new colours are introduced each year.

Crux blanket
A survivor, the cross symbol was seldom seen in the design world before Pia Wallén introduced her Crux blanket in 1991. Pia was touched by the idéa of hope that the cross blanket represented and was inspired to design her own during the Kuwait war. In Swedish folkart tradition, the cross is a strong symbol for hope, a meeting point of heaven and earth and has remained an important symbol for Pia Wallén during her career. Produced by a small family company in Sweden, using the finest wool. The weaving process is crafted with traditional weaving machines which make the fine border and it's felted using the traditional Scandinavian methods. The blanket is made in a limited edition, and new colours are introduced each year. This collectors item is represented at various museums.

Unisex slippers
The Unisex slipper was first designed in 1992 for Progetto/Orgetto Cappelini. The slipper was inspired by the Scandinavian tradition of using wool linings inside boots, to survive the cold Swedish winters. Designed with the use of minimal pieces and a clever construction, the slipper reminds us of industrial materials updated with a fine level of finish and detail. Functionality, simplicity and comfort are why this model remains poplular today.

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