Per B. Sundberg
One-man show at
VIDA Museum, Borgholm, Öland
29 May – 18 July 2004



Galleri Kamras has previously exhibited glass by Per B. Sundberg both at one-man shows at the Gallery and in joint exhibitions staged at venues including Global Art Glass, the Museum of National Antiquities in Stockholm, the St. Petersburg Hermitage and Solliden Palace Park. Now his glass is to be shown at a major one-man exhibition in the art gallery at VIDA.

Per B. Sundberg, who this year celebrates his first ten years as a designer at Orrefors, has found a platform for his creative ambitions. With his distinctive designs, he is one of the foremost challengers of the standard notion of "Swedish design". Following his successful show in Stockholm in autumn 2003, he has now stepped even further afield, showing new pieces in his own Fabula and Litograal techniques, a set of crystal lamps, and what he styles "chunks".

Chunks "blocks of solid glass whose aesthetic appeal lies in their nuances of colour" are the result of several years‚ experimentation. Although they are here shown separately, they can also serve as décor for other glass objects, such as lamps. Or, they may themselves be adorned with abandoned trinkets or pieces of pressed glass. Recycled, perhaps?

One of the exhibition‚s favourites will surely be the gold-painted candelabra attached to a solid wall of polished, glittering Orrefors crystal, itself firmly fixed to an orange-brown Chunk with Finnish „snaps boots‰ for feet. The textile cable for the „lamp‰ snakes through the crystal in a drilled-out zigzag pattern. An amusing but very handsome piece.

"Per´s multiple approach to glass and ceramics makes him intriguingly disrespectful of what can and cannot be done. In fact, multiplicity is something of his watchword. He can at the same time be introvert and narrative, tactile yet polished, anti-aesthetic and seductive - preferably all at once," says Tom Hedqvist, curator of Sundberg‚s exhibition in Stockholm, himself a designer and the director of Beckmans Skola. "In my opinion, Per is the designer who, of his generation, has made the most interesting contribution to the development of contemporary art glass."

In this show, the supreme skills of Orrefors‚ glassblowers combine with Per B. Sundberg‚s unyielding creativity to infuse the pieces with life and bolster Orrefors‚ traditional position as a world leader in the field of art glass, not least through the development of the Fabula technique.

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