Cool and lovely on the party tables of winter are the bowls and dishes of Ingegerd Råman’s MINUS 10 collection. Using classic glassmaking techniques and her famous sense of design in equal measure, Ingegerd Råman takes Swedish glass into the future.

MINUS 10 – bowl, dish
Design Ingegerd Råman
Ingegerd Råman has long been fascinated by early Orrefors glassmaking technology. In her new collection, MINUS 10, she has created glass with an icy surface, a frostbitten crystal bowl that will serve as an irresistibly beautiful centrepiece for the well-set dinner table. She has previously only used this deep-frozen technique for her art glass and art glass installations, most recently at the newly built Swedish embassy in Washington, DC.

ZVIZZ – candlesticks

Design Ingegerd Råman
Over the years, Ingegerd Råman’s ZVIZZ vases and bowls have taken their place among the Orrefors classics. The hand-painted stripes come in black, white, red and green – a colour for every occasion! This year the collection grows bigger with the arrival of an elegant candlestick with hand-painted stripes in black or white.

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