Glass and fibre optic chandeliers designed by Kjell Engman, Peter HallÚn, Erika Lagerbielke, Per B. Sundberg and Ann Wňhlstr÷m from Orrefors and Kosta Boda

Design: Erika Lagerbielke
Photo: Staffan Johansson

Design: Per B. Sundberg
Photo: Mats Jakobsson

  Design: Ann Wňhlstr÷m
Photo: Mats Jakobsson

Design: Per B. Sundberg
Photo: Mats Jakobsson

Design: Kjell Engman
Photo: Mats Jakobsson

  Design: Peter HallÚn
Photo: Mats Jakobsson

On Tuesday 4th February, as part of the Stockholm Furniture Fair, the exhibition SPACE will be opening in the gallery at the Orrefors & Kosta Boda store in Stockholm. The exhibition will be presenting an entirely new lighting project in glass and fibre optics represented by prototypes for five chandeliers by the designers Kjell Engman and Ann Wňhlstr÷m, who work for Kosta Boda, and Erika Lagerbielke and Per B. Sundberg, who work for Orrefors. Also taking part will be the designer and architect Peter HallÚn, whose chandelier is manufactured at Orrefors.

With SPACE, Orrefors and Kosta Boda are expanding from their identities as glass trademarks and moving into the world of architectonics.

The concept of the lighting project was born in 2002 when Peter HallÚn attended an Orrefors Workshop as a guest designer. Here he started experimenting with fibre optics encased in cut crystal.

So far all the chandeliers are still in a prototype stage. After 15th February the chandeliers will be shown for two months at FLUX, which developed all the lighting engineering components. Orrefors Kosta Boda AB will then assess the lighting project and, depending on the results of their deliberations, begin manufacture. Any chandeliers that are manufactured will be sold under the Orrefors or Kosta Boda trademarks, with FLUX acting as the sales agent. Approximate price details can be given on request.

The SPACE exhibition will also feature furniture from Edra designed by the Brazilian brothers Fernando and Humberto Campana. Their spectacular Boa sofa will be one of the pieces being shown for the first time in Stockholm.

The exhibition has been planned and produced by Peter HallÚn.

Venue Orrefors & Kosta Boda, Birger Jarlsgatan 15, Stockholm
Exhibition dates 4th – 15th February 2003
Opening Tuesday 4th February 5:00 – 8:00 p.m.
Collaboration partners FLUX (fibre optics)
Ohlson Agenturer (Boa, Sushi and Vermela furniture from Edra)
Ludvig Svensson (Optic, textile with aluminium)

From the 24:th of February 2003 the SPACE exhibition will be shown at FLUX showroom in Stockholm, Industrigatan 5, untill April, when the chandeliers will be transported to the furniture fair in Milan.