Orrefors Workshop 16–20 June 2002

As a subproject of the glass triennial, Global Art Glass in Borgholm (16 June–1 September), Orrefors Kosta Boda AB is arranging an experimental workshop for glass craftspeople, artists and students at the Orrefors glassworks, starting on Sunday 16 June.

“The Orrefors Workshop is a manifestation of Sweden’s unique position in the field of glass art,” says acting MD, Lars Bååth. “By inviting renowned foreign artists and students as well as our own artists and glassblowers to attend, we hope to foster the growth of creativity in glass art, in which we ourselves play an active part.”

The workshop, which is being held the week before Midsummer, will feature leading glassblowers from the Group’s glassworks: Holmegaard in Denmark and the five glassworks in Sweden (Orrefors, Sandvik, Kosta, Åfors, Boda). From Orrefors and Kosta Boda, artists Lars Hellsten and Helén Krantz will be taking part, as well as Olle Brozén, Ulrica Hydman-Vallien and Bertil Vallien. Artists exhibiting at Global Art Glass in Borgholm include Hans Frode (Sweden/USA), Monica Guggisberg (France), Warren Langley (Australia), Federica Marangoni (Italy), Richard Meitner (the Netherlands), Markku Salo (Finland) and Ann Wolff (Sweden).

Seven specially selected students from glass schools in Denmark, Estonia, France, the Netherlands, Sweden (Beckmans and Konstfack) and the Czech Republic have also been invited to participate in the workshop. Artist and head instructor in glass art at the Bornholm glass school, Susanne Johnsen, is responsible for the student project.

Book 14–20 June now for summer’s biggest glass happening!
Global Art Glass 16/6–1/9:

Glass symposium Friday 14 June, 2 p.m.
Opening by H.M. The King, Saturday 15 June.

Sand casting of glass with Bertil Vallien, Åfors glassworks, Sunday 16 June (evening).

Orrefors Workshop 16–20 June:
Experimental glassblowing at the Orrefors glassworks 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily (day prior to Midsummer’s Eve, half day only).

For further information, contact:
Karin Lindahl, Orrefors Kosta Boda AB,
Tel: +46 (0)481-34138/+46 (0)70-5433210, karin.lindahl@orrefors.se
For information on Global Art Glass, visit: www.gallerikamras.h.se