Stockholm — the City on the Water

The exhibition "Stockholm — the City on the Water" is Orrefors’ and Kosta Boda’s tribute to one of the world’s most beautiful capital cities — Stockholm, which this year celebrates its 750th jubilee. Art glass taking the city of Stockholm as its inspiration will be on show in a separate gallery from 30th May to 7th July, 2002, at Birger Jarlsgatan 15, a street in central Stockholm named after the city’s founder.

The 18 artists were asked to present their own renditions of Stockholm in art glass under the theme of "The City on the Water". The pieces on show are highly individual, reflecting the artists’ own interpretations of Sweden’s capital city. Taking part from Kosta Boda are Monica Backström, Olle Brozén, Anna Ehrner, Kjell Engman, Ulrica Hydman-Vallien, Anne Nilsson, Gunnel Sahlin, Bertil Vallien, Ann Wåhlström and Göran Wärff. Orrefors is represented by Lena Bergström, Lars Hellsten, Jan Johansson, Helén Krantz, Erika Lagerbielke, Martti Rytkönen, Ingegerd Råman and Per B. Sundberg.

Monica Backström / Kosta Boda — Crown Town (kr 22,500 / Ed. 10)
A tribute to the royal capital with water and the dark silhouette of the city itself. The crown, Stockholm’s symbol, is here a light phenomenon that illuminates the sky.

Lena Bergström / Orrefors — Stockholm Shopping (8,000 / Ed. 15)
"Stockholm has become a genuinely international shopping city, and our shop is on one of the main shopping streets. So I decided to make a shopping bag of glass and wool!"

Olle Brozén / Kosta Boda — Slussen (kr 18,000 / Ed. 10)
A Stockholm dish taking its inspiration from the intricate cloverleaf road system at Slussen. Kosta Boda’s new designer Olle Brozén specialises in décor.

Anna Ehrner / Kosta Boda — Watergame (kr 8,400 / Ed. 15)
"Since water is what brings Stockholm alive, I did a round-bottomed bowl with wisps of blue swirling through the body of the glass — a symbol of the never-ceasing movement of the water."

Kjell Engman / Kosta Boda — Pure water (kr 32,000 / Ed. 15)
"Water is what makes Stockholm so fantastic! You can fish for salmon and trout as well as bathe... Stockholm must be one of the cleanest capital cities in the world."

Lars Hellsten / Orrefors — Clear Water (kr 24,500 / Ed. 15)
"The glittering water, the sun glinting in the windows of the palace, the dark shadows of the alleys and lanes of the Old Town, the sound of drums as the soldiers mount the guard — to me, all these are important aspect of Stockholm."

Ulrica Hydman-Vallien / Kosta Boda — Love in Stockholm (kr 34,000 / Ed. 5)
Life in Stockholm takes shape in the secretive interior of these expressive Graal vases decorated with Ulrica Hydman-Vallien’s characteristic figures. A sinuous snake keeps watch over the opening of the neck.

Jan Johansson / Orrefors — Water Mirror (kr 12,500 / Ed. 15)
The undulating olive-cut wave pattern was inspired by the waters of Stockholm, which are ever in motion. Skilfully fashioned in the blowing room and cutting shop, this is a showpiece of craftsmanship and design.

Helén Krantz / Orrefors — Water Illusion (kr 12,500 / Ed. 15)
Hand-cut from a single large block, Helén Krantz’s Water Illusion is an impression of pure, crystal-clear water manifested in the shape of a bowl. The various guises of the water appear on each side of the block.

Erika Lagerbielke / Orrefors — Panta Rei (kr 9,000 ( Ed. 30)
"The theme of water gave me the idea of doing large, bi-coloured drops symbolising the salty Baltic Sea and the fresh waters of Lake Mälaren. Water flows its own ways, everything is in a state of flux..."

Anne Nilsson / Kosta Boda — Water Bucket (kr 10,500 / Ed. 10)
The glass, symbolically, takes the form of a water bucket with bubbles that strive towards the surface like sparkling champagne. In Anne Nilsson’ interpretation, as life-giving and precious as water itself.

Martti Rytkönen / Orrefors — My Town (kr 16,250 / Ed. 15)
Architecture, perspectives and the pulse of big-city life are discernible in Martti Rytkönen’s Ariel dish on a Ravenna platter.

Ingegerd Råman / Orrefors — Frozen Glass (kr 5,000 / Ed. 15)
Stockholm’s frozen winter waters, both small puddles and the wide expanse of sea and lake, are the source of Ingegerd Råman’s inspiration. As a child, she jumped between the ice floes in the Karlsberg Canal.

Gunnel Sahlin / Kosta Boda — Stockholm Colours (kr 5,000 /Ed. 20)
"For me Stockholm is about colours: the yellow of the functional-style houses, the blue of the sky, the green of the parks and surrounding countryside — what’s so lovely is that the colours change daily, depending on the weather..."

Per B. Sundberg / Orrefors — Eken (kr 9,000 / Ed. 15)
A simple, modernistic piece in strongly contrasting black and white by Stockholmer Per B. Sundberg. Stockholm is celebrated by 750 black dots, one for each year since its foundation. "And every dot represents 1,000 of the people who live in the inner city."

Bertil Vallien / Kosta Boda — Stockholm Blues (kr 35,000 / Ed. 20)
A summer evening in Stockholm; the bow of a golden ship puts in to the brilliant light of the city...

Ann Wåhlström / Kosta Boda — Rings on the Water (kr 7,500 / Ed. 15)
A sense of quiet contemplation pervades this dish with its rings of clear and blue glass. "Stockholm’s water brings peace to my soul. It’s the water that makes me feel so at home in Stockholm."

Göran Wärff / Kosta Boda — Stream (kr 10,500 /Ed. 20)
Water and the sea have long been prime sources of inspiration for the glass poet, Göran Wärff. Here he pays tribute to Stockholm with a hand-cut wave of solid glass.

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