Two new designers to Orrefors:
Gunilla Allard and Malin Lindahl

Gunilla Allard and Malin Lindahl are new designers at Orrefors starting in April 2002. Both will have their studios at the Orrefors glassworks.

Both designers have a natural connection to Orrefors. In 1996, Gunilla Allard designed the glass for the film ‘The Glassblower’s Children’ in collaboration with Orrefors glassblowers. Malin Lindahl received an Orrefors scholarship while studying at the Konstfack University College of Arts, Crafts and Design in 1999—2000, and also did her examination project at Orrefors.

Brand manager Oyvind Saetre is very pleased with the recruitment of Gunilla Allard and Malin Lindahl:

"The designer corps is critical to the continued development of the Orrefors brand. Their work helps to constantly renew our expression and range. At the same time, we are always striving for a balanced structure in order to survive future generation shifts. Gunilla Allard is one of Sweden’s most highly qualified designers, whose view of the designing profession is perfect for the Orrefors brand. Gunilla is an established designer who knows form and industry. Malin Lindahl is a very promising new designer, who already showed us during her scholarship days that she approaches the medium of glass from an interesting perspective. We are also happy that our long-term work with Konstfack and the HDK School of Design and Crafts in Göteborg has paid off with the hiring of an Orrefors scholarship holder."

Gunilla Allard (b. 1957) is a set designer and interior designer, trained at Konstfack (1983—88) and the Royal Danish Art Academy in Copenhagen. She has been a furniture designer at Lammhults Möbel AB since 1988. She has been awarded two Excellent Swedish Design awards for her furniture, and the Georg Jensen and Bruno Mathsson awards. Gunilla Allard will freelance for Orrefors.

Malin Lindahl (b. 1973) is a glass designer fresh out of Konstfack (2001). During her scholarship period, she worked at Orrefors, researching and developing the classic engraving technique and deep sandblasting. As of April 2002, Malin Lindahl is on staff as a designer at Orrefors.

For more information contact
Karin Lindahl, press officer at Orrefors Kosta Boda AB
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