Model 45 LIMITED
Finn Juhl

In connection with the opening of the HOME OF FINN JUHL exhibition at the museum Ordrupgaard, about the world-famous architect Finn Juhl, his furniture and his own house, Onecollection offers for sale a limited numbered edition of 100 pieces of Finn Juhl’s model 45.

The chairs are made in oiltreated teak wood and upholstered with original vegetable tanned ox-skin in nature, indian red or black.

Each chair comes with a sterling silverplate beautifully engraved with the signature of Finn Juhl, number and the name “Ordrupgaard”.

The 45-chair was designed in 1945 and is regarded as one of the mainworks of Finn Juhl. Finn was first in Denmark using teak wood for furniture production and the 45 chair is very characteristic for the works of Finn Juhl to come because for the first time he separated the elegant frame construction from the comfortable upholstery part. This gave the furniture a lightness never seen before, which has formed a school and made Finn Juhl world-famous.

In Finn Juhl’s own house, which now has been opened as museum in co-operation with Ordrupgaard, the very first two 45 chairs can be seen. These were produced by Niels Vodder for the Cabinetmaker’s exhibition in 1945. The 45 chair has been produced by several cabinetmakers over the years – among others also Baker in USA. In 2002 Onecollection in Ringkøbing took up the production and the chairs in Finn Juhl’s own house were the models for the chairs produced by Onecollection in order to make the chairs of today look as close to the original as possible.


The chair is exhibited at Ordrupgaard and the limited edition can be bought from House of Finn Juhl/Onecollection in the exhibition period from 3rd April to 31st August 2008 after the first come principle.

Phone: +45 70 277 101

Onecollection A/S produce and market the furniture of Finn Juhl worldwide exclusively. Salesbrochures are available at Ordrupgaard.

Onecollection supports Ordrupgaard through the sales of this unique furniture series as Onecollection is sponsoring the Finn Juhl exhibition from 3rd April to 31st August 2008. The exhibition takes place in the new addition to Ordrupgaard designed by Zaha Hadid from Israel and as already mentioned, it is also possible to see the 45 chair in the original environment in Finn Juhl’s own house at Kratvænget. Access to the house through the park of Ordrupgaard.

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