Stockholm Furniture Fair

Graphic, lightweight and stackable
– Björn Dahlström’s new chair for OFFECCT

Created by the well-known Swedish designer Björn Dahlström, Canti is a chair with an austere and graphic, almost architectural, design. Despite its angular appearance Canti is also both comfortable to sit in and stackable – so it can both be sat in for a long time and easily put aside if desired. These features make Canti especially well suited to meeting rooms but it fits just as well into a home environment where every square metre is precious.

In Canti, Björn Dahlström has designed a chair with a humorous twist. His designs often have a strong graphic element, and this is also present in Canti. The chair’s angles are well planned, and not just for their appearance. The angles at the seat and back, together with the upholstery and flexibility of the frame, create maximum comfort. Dahlström was originally an industrial designer and has designed everything from bicycles to kitchen pots and toys. He has received numerous Excellent Swedish Design Awards plus a number of international awards.

“When developing Canti we focused a lot on comfort without losing the aesthetics
or stackability,” Dahlström says. “My collaboration with OFFECCT’s design team was characterised by a great deal of expertise and a professional
approach, which meant we could develop Canti with the best results.”

In order that Canti can be used in all types of environments, it will be available in leather, fabric or fabric with leather detailing. In Canti OFFECCT has gained an exciting and unique addition to its range of stackable chairs.



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