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OFFECCT’s collaboration with Mikko Laakkonen results in a
playful style

In launching the Sparks series, OFFECCT is collaborating with one of Finland’s most interesting designers. Sparks was designed by Mikko Laakkonen, who wants to make products that last an extremely long time—preferably for 100 years. For OFFECCT he has designed two products that share the same
aesthetic: a coathanger and a magazine holder. Both have an organic form while giving a cheerful impression.

Laakkonen wants his products to add vitality to public environments. Grouping many newspaper racks together on a wall will create a wall border. The clothes hanger may be used alone or grouped on a wall with many others to give a more vibrant look to an otherwise unobtrusive product.

“But I also think the Sparks hanger and newspaper rack would work well in a home environment, such as in a child's bedroom.”

This is the first time Laakkonen has collaborated with OFFECCT, though the Swedish company has been on his wish list for some time. He views OFFECCT as a company that truly respects designers. The result is a unique collaboration between the company’s design team and their designers, producing many welldesigned furniture items that enhance human interaction—in meeting environments, the home and at the office.

Mikko Laakkonen was born in the Finnish town of Espoo in 1975. He loved to play the guitar, and at first planned to support himself as an instrument maker. He completed a two-year course, and even managed to build a few guitars, before realizing that construction was not his forte. He was more interested in the conceptual and sketch stages. He therefore started to study design at the University of Art and Design in Helsinki.

“But my training in instrument making has stood me in good stead. We acquired a thorough knowledge of different materials. Construction is also a useful ability for a designer: for example, I build all my prototypes by myself.”

Since 2004, he has operated his own design agency in Helsinki jointly with Mika Tolvanen, another new recruit for OFFECCT. In addition to working with OFFECCT, Laakkonen collaborates with the Italian companies Covo and Cadamia, and the Finnish companies Selki-Asema and Inno Interior.

Laakkonen considers himself a designer with two sides. One side leans toward the understated and strict, whereas the other is partial to soft, round forms that are also cheery. Nature is frequently his source of inspiration, but utility is paramount. He likes to combine several functions in one item, while avoiding the excess of multifunctionality in the style of a Swiss Army knife. He also likes using new materials.

Hopefully, Laakkonen’s collaboration with OFFECCT will lead to further exciting new products in the future.



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