Stockholm Furniture Fair

Ultra-thin Outline table the result of new design cooperation
between Sweden’s OFFECCT and Finland’s Mika Tolvanen

OFFECCT continues to focus on gifted young designers who reflect the company's vision of contemporary furniture design that radiates Scandinavian simplicity. One of this year’s newcomers is Mika Tolvanen, a Finn whose Outline table epitomizes the concept of furniture that suits all types of creative endeavors and works equally well in private homes.

Tolvanen was born in 1975 and has run his own design studio in a former dairy outlet in Helsinki, Finland for the past three years. He trained at the Royal College of Art in London, where one of his teachers, Jasper Morrison, is still one of his major sources of inspiration.

Tolvanen mainly designs furniture, but has also created various interior design products. His list of clients includes Finland’s Selki-Asema and Germany’s KFF. Tolvanen has also been involved in launching the design group Rethi, which is the Finnish word for “honest.”

“I like to make things that are as simple as possible, free of unnecessary details. The main thing is that the product serves its function. That's what I call ‘honest design.’”

The Outline table measures 240 cm by 100 cm and is 73 cm in height. It is a large piece that can easily be extended by linking additional tables. Despite its size, it is relatively lightweight. The frame is metal, and the top is white through-dyed laminate. Though it consists of two parts, the table appears to have been produced as a single piece. Tolvanen drew his inspiration for the frame from a folded sheet of paper, to create the overall impression of ultra-thinness. If two Outline tables are placed side by side, it appears that they have only one leg, although there are actually two.

When Outline was still in the initial design stage, Tolvanen thought carefully about what materials to use for its construction. The end result proves he made the right choice, as the metal contributes to the table’s impression of lightness while still providing stability. The metal also helps make the table flexible in terms
of its usage: Outline works equally well in the conference room and the dining room.

“One of my most important design priorities is to make products that can be used in several contexts. I also want to produce simple and elegant designs with a long lifespan in terms of both appearance and durability.”

Collaboration with OFFECCT appeals to Mika Tolvanen. He views the company as innovative while also being open to diversity. He believes that OFFECCT’s international joint ventures enhance its progressive attitude.

“Connecting with international designers ensures that the company stays receptive, which in turn ensures that it avoids limiting its horizons. Their projects have an innovativeness and freshness that appeal to me as a designer.”



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