Stockholm Furniture Fair

Classic and contemporary in OFFECCT’s new collaboration with
prizewinning Norway Says

OFFECCT and Norways Says know how to create a winning concept together—their Spline chair is now in the collection of the National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design in Oslo, Norway. That joint project led to a desire for more, and the result of their new collaboration is the elegant Moon chair. Could
this, too, become another new classic?

“I find Moon attractive, and when I see it I want to sit in it myself!” says Espen Voll, one of the three designers behind Norway Says. “It has a charming appearance and an ergonomic seat. We’ve worked with a holistic concept—a spherical, coherent form in which the armrests and shell create a unified impression. It’s a form that is simple and recognisable, both classic and contemporary.”

Moon has a pure and simple outer form, but a complex inner one. The chair is intended primarily for use in conference environments. Flexible, clean-lined, and understated, it comes with or without armrests and with various frames. Espen Voll designed Moon together with his colleagues, Torbjørn Anderssen and Andreas Engesvik, who work as a team on all projects. Voll says they are usually very much in agreement about how to solve design commissions.

“We toss out various ideas and often have very similar opinions about what works,” he says. “We have a collective gut feeling and quickly agree on what feels good. Everything has to function and be closely interwoven: the form, function, and aesthetics. First, we test small models and then full-scale ones, and we let the product emerge in an organic way.”

Sustainability has been a guiding concept for the project. Materials and transport conditions have been assessed and adapted to OFFECCT’s own highly developed environmental policy. The trio draw their inspiration from architecture, music, design, and art. In this joint project, it was important for the trio to follow OFFECCT’s clear design style. The brief was explicit: to design a chair in accordance with OFFECCT’s mission to be a leader in the creative conference environment.

“We’ve already created one series for OFFECCT (Spline),” Voll says. “Even back then, when we were fairly young and new, we felt it was a company that attracts attention and feels good to work with. OFFECCT represents contemporary design and an international horizon, but it also has a clear environmental focus in everything it does—and that attracts us as designers.”

Norway Says was founded in 2002 by Espen Voll, Torbjørn Anderssen, and Andreas Engesvik. They have a design studio in Oslo and a subsidiary in Santa Cruz, California. Norway Says has quickly made a name for itself in the design world. Among other achievements, the trio has won the Torsten and Wanja
Söderberg Prize worth SEK 1 million, and exhibited at the National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design in Oslo.



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