Stockholm Furniture Fair

History meets modernity in a unique recycling project when Sweden’s
OFFECCT collaborates with Spain’s Carlos Tíscar

It took ten minutes for Carlos Tíscar to create the concept for the Louis IX chair in his head. But it took two years to go from the sketch to the finished product. The Louis IX furniture series is an archetypal neoclassical chair in the French Louis XVI style, but inspired by a modern design idiom. But the chair’s most special feature is its environmental friendliness.

The basic shell of the Louis IX chair is made of recycled shampoo and soap bottles that have been melted under high temperature into a “dough” and then pressed into furniture components. The steel frame is also produced with great respect for nature.

Sustainability is one of OFFECCT’s key issues. The company has actively worked for many years with environmental issues at all levels, ranging from what type of glue to use at the office to the choice of materials, energy consumption, and transportation. Much of OFFECCT’s product range has environmental

A major feature of Tíscar’s design is the environmental manufacture of furniture—objects he would like to see following us like “silent companions” throughout our lives. Since OFFECCT is a company that believes having an environmental strategy is as important as design and quality, the partnership with
Carlos Tíscar has been stimulating and completely in accordance with the Swedish company’s view on what constitutes good design.

“I realize that I am being inconsistent when I say that we really don't need more products on the market,” Tíscar says. “But nowadays furniture must be economical and made in a way that is as environmentally friendly as possible. I want to make products that will be loved and used for a long time, and that goal is also in agreement with OFFECCT’s ideal.”

He gets much of his inspiration by reading books, especially ones on the history of design. But the small details of everyday life also give him ideas—for instance how a coat might hang over a chair in a cafe or restaurant. His creative process often starts with a product taking shape, but for him to be really satisfied, the final result must feature an equal interplay of function, esthetic and form.

When OFFECCT first noticed Carlos Tíscar, the Swedish company was looking for a designer who could develop a furniture series in which there was an interplay between historical and modern forms. Louis IX is a concept that is intended equally for use in the home as in public settings. Tíscar himself likes to combine the chair with the other furniture in his own living room. His dream is to see the Louis IX series used by people in their private homes and in public places like restaurants and cafes.

Carlos Tíscar Riveiro was born in 1964 and trained as an industrial designer. He first studied at the Applied Art School in Valencia and then the Polytechnic School of Design in Milan. He has operated his own design studio in Valencia since 1993, primarily designing furniture for home and public settings. He has worked with companies like Sellex, BM 2000, Hodema Oficina, and Paularte Design.



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